Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

MidJourney Generated Image - 'Brown marmorated stink bug ukiyo-e style'Brown marmorated stink bug ukiyo-e style

I live in an old building with old windows and screens. Each fall I await the invasion.


  • In the fall, they swarm en-mass in waves to find places to hibernate.
  • An empty screen could have 30-40 bugs on it 5 minutes later.
  • Living near farmland probably means my swarms are more significant.
  • NEVER EVER use your vacuum to collect them; it will smell for months.
  • Once inside, they search out dark cracks for the winter.
  • Drawers & Rubbermaid storage bins are trendy.
  • If you find a few, you probably have very many hidden.
  • Starting in January, the restless ones will start to creep out for a peek. They are much less stinky and quite lethargic then.

This Years Battle Plan

  • Paper towels drizzled with peppermint oil stuffed in window cracks.
  • Sticky bug tape along the inside edges of screens.
  • Closing windows during sunny afternoons when they swarm most often.


September 20, 2022