Last Update: 10/1/22

MidJourney Generated Image - 'Dada style of automation with many gears, levers and switches'Dada style of automation with many gears, levers and switches

ô″tə-mā′shən - noun

  1. The automatic operation or control of equipment, a process, or a system.

The majority of my professional work usually included some automation. In any large corporation that has been around for decades, there often is a requirement that new systems should interface with legacy systems. Also, there were many interfaces with other companies that sell your product. The longer you are with a company, the more they look to use your experience to help implement automation solutions.

Personal automation

With too much free time on my hands and mixed devices (Android, Mac, iPad), I always try to make things work together efficiently. And it’s fun to automate something.


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