Technology Stack

Last Update: 9/22/22

MidJourney Generated Image - 'Baroque style painting of old man typing on a computer terminal'Baroque style painting of old man typing on a computer terminal

  • Working so long with evolving tech has been interesting.
  • I have no photographic memory. Most of the details of how to use some of the things below have oozed out of my brain.
  • Many of the things I was paid for started as personal play/learning and then showing my bosses a product demo.
  • Angular - An excellent framework for building flexible component applications. The community and resources available to support development make using the framework most enjoyable. I miss using typescript.
  • Java - I was never a big fan of this technology, but it was the tool of choice for building many services between different systems.
  • Adobe Flex - An excellent tool for developing live portals with a SQL back-end. I was most sad when Steve Jobs killed this along with Flash.
  • Active Server Pages (ASP) - A promising technology for its time to move beyond static HTML.
  • HTML & CSS - Worked on some of the company’s first websites and internal intranets.
  • Microsoft Access - Such a great little tool to track processes between multiple departments previously handled with emails. And bosses love a good metrics report!
  • Microsoft SQL - Still my favorite database. IMHO nobody in the company wrote more efficient queries.
  • Power Builder - Used to build a major system with a SQL back-end to administer a billion-dollar business.
  • Microsoft Visual Basic - My first GUI experience. As PCs were slowly brought into different departments, internal applications were built.
  • Cobol - Hired by my instructor while taking a class at a community college. I started when all they had was a mainframe and connected terminals with green screens.

Personal & Volunteer Use

  • Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud - Mostly Lightroom, Photoshop & Illustrator.
  • Google Sheets - There seems to be no limit on what you can do with sheets. I have used it often to perform analysis on data extracted from proprietary systems that do not allow custom analysis.
  • Microsoft Access - Built several databases to help track volunteers for events and youth group students.