MidJourney Generated Image - 'Baroque style painting of a novice learning'Baroque style painting of a novice learning

Tyro (tī′rō) - noun

  1. A beginner in learning something.
  2. A beginner in learning anything; one who is employed in learning or who has mastered the rudiments only of any branch of knowledge; a novice.
    [Medieval Latin tȳrō, squire, variant of Latin tīrō, recruit.]
    From Latin tīro (“young soldier, recruit”)


Previously a developer for over a quarter of a century. It was a blessing to be able to figure out puzzles and how to make things work for a living.

These days I am a tyro trying to keep up with current technology trends and 10,000 other random topics I find interesting.


Blot.im - The tool used to generate the HTML from the markdown files composing each page of this blog.

Sublime Text - My old school editor of choice. All of the newer Markdown” editors I have tried so far don’t have all the same customizable features I have grown accustomed to.

Other Miscellaneous TMI

  • Been a bicyclist most of my adult life
  • Collector of images of people who are dead
  • Have purchased many art books, tutorials, and supplies and created almost no pieces of art
  • Keep obsessive daily things done journal with Obsidian, Keyboard Maestro & multiple Stream Decks
  • Used to be really into photography. Now I rarely snap using my drone.
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